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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Northampton

Northampton Professional Carpet Cleaning services – 5 stars Google Rated

Local carpet cleaners who are certified in Northampton

We are an independent company that owns and operates Northampton carpet cleaning who are not a franchise. We can provide a bespoke service that is better than any national company, and we will also talk with you about the best professional carpet cleaning methods for you, based on our expertise, training, and results. Thankfully we aren’t tied to any one system like many franchised businesses.


Professional carpet stain removal
in Northampton

Professional Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Stain Removal Services 5 stars Google Rated.

Carpet stain removal experts in your local area.


FIRST, DO NOT PANIC or Grab any DIY products, such as Dr. Beckmann carpet stain removal, 1001, etc.

Most likely, you will do more harm than good and leave the stain permanent.

With our professional methods and wide selection of carpet stain products, most spills and stains are easily removed
While we cannot guarantee the removal of stains, it’s safe for us to say that we won’t be able to remove them.

Professional upholstery Cleaning in



Northampton- Carpet Cleaning – Northampton 5 stars Google Rated cleaning company.


We provide professional upholstery cleaning in your home with our professional cleaning equipment. We will carefully clean and remove any dirt or stains and bring your furniture back to life. Our professional upholstery cleaners aim to offer 100% satisfaction.


By doing this, you can be sure that Northampton upholstery cleaning was the Right Choice for you. You’ll also feel more confident about booking us again. We would love you to recommend us to your loved ones.


Our specialist stain protection is available for an extra cost. Stain protection provides complete protection for your upholstery. 

We recommend stain protectors if you want the best results for your upholstery. Our advanced upholstery stain protection protects furniture from staining and general wear.


We use the most advanced product to bring you a level of protection never seen before in the UK industry.


Using the wrong type of upholstery cleaner or chemical can damage your furniture. We recommend Professional upholstery cleaning services like us. We can help advise on many types of fabrics.


For professional upholstery cleaning, We can take care of your sofa. We can clean all types of furniture. We use only the best upholstery products and cleaning equipment for clean, fresh-smelling, healthy furniture.


Different fabrics need different cleaning methods, skills, and care. We are fully insured and certified as upholstery cleaning specialists.


Spillages happen. So if you have a stain that you need help with, don’t hesitate to call us. Beware, Using cheap products, You are likely to make the situation worse.


Also, remember to note that we can clean items outside the house. We can clean and disinfect your car interior, Caravan / Motorhome upholstery. It can be hard to keep clean for families with kids as it can get very messy quickly. We provide a complete service to get your vehicle clean, fresh, and healthy for you and your family.






Commercial Cleaning
in Northampton

We cover all

Commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Office Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Keep your commercial carpets clean and extend their life with Northampton Carpet Cleaners. Our technicians have the highest level of training and use the most advanced commercial steam cleaners to get the best results.

We understand how important it can be to maintain a routine that allows commercial carpet cleaning without disrupting your daily business operations. 

We can provide our services at convenient hours to suit your business. We use the UK’s most powerful hot water extraction equipment to ensure that your carpets are dry within a few hours.

It does not matter how big or small your commercial property is. I can help maintain the carpets for a professional appearance. 

Maintaining a clean environment will also help with that. Using our commercial carpet cleaning service, you can promote professionalism to your clients and employees.

We can provide commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning for many different businesses. These include hotels as well offices, shops, churches, and schools. 

We also carry out commercial carpet cleaning services to local governments and departments.


Industrial High Powered Truck Mounted Cleaning System

Our Industrial High-Powered Truck-mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning system is self-sufficient. It heats the water to 240 F (Resulting in faster drying times) and leaves the carpets clean and hygienic. 

When we receive a call from restaurant premises in Northampton, We can be asked for either upholstery or a heavily soiled and greasy carpet to get cleaned. 

Our Truck-mounted system will handle it. It also has experienced technicians who are adept at dealing with such problems. We can clean most carpets in less than 2 hours.

Low Moisture Cleaning System

Our low-moisture carpet cleaning system is perfect for office cleaning in Northampton. Two or more technicians can be working simultaneously to cover large areas. 

It takes less than 30 minutes to dry the carpets. Staff members and customers can then go about their business. They are also quiet, which will minimize disruption.

Our Quality of Services and Work Flexibility

We have been performing commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning for Northampton for many years. 

Many customers return to us each six to 12 months, whether for full cleans or maintenance.

Because we are an independently-owned family business in Northampton, We also understand the importance of keeping your business costs down and can help you save money. So we are flexible and will work around your schedule.

Types Of Commercial Premises Our Services Cover

We provide services for business owners and managers interested in having their carpets and upholstery cleaned in Northampton.

We can offer you a professional service of outstanding quality and an honest and competitive on-site quotation, survey, and cleaning demonstration.

If you would like to know more, call us and arrange for a free survey and quotation on-site. While there, We can perform a FREE demonstration in a small space to show you how the cleaning process looks. This way, you will see the results we can get. And You Will Be Astonished.

Professional Carpet stain protection
in Northampton


Carpet cleaning is best left to professionals. The steam cleaning process used by our carpet technicians not only removes dirt but also kills bacteria, mold and germs. It also has strong sanitizing effects on fabrics.

Professional carpet cleaning services only require one technician. They are able to move furniture pieces that are light in weight, as long as they pose no additional risks to their safety.

For an additional fee, we offer professional carpet protection for all of our Carpet/Upholstery. Carpet protection acts as an invisible barrier to protect your upholstery and prolong its life span. If you want the best results and care for your furniture, we highly recommend this additional cleaning service. Professional carpet protection protects your furniture from stains and general wear and tear. It is water resistant but not completely protects against spills. However, it will most definitely help prevent liquids from soaking in and causing a permanent deep stain.

The stain’s cause will determine the effectiveness of stain removers. Most of the time, however, we can remove even the most stubborn stains with minimal effort. We will try our best to get rid of all stains, even if they are not completely gone.

This protector can only be used for hot water extraction. It is not recommended for dry carpet cleaning. Professional carpet protection is a spray solution that repels liquids, stains, and dirt from your floor covering. This protects your floors and keeps them clean.

After professional cleaning, we offer high-quality fiber stain repellents that will significantly extend the life of your carpet. This will extend the life of your carpet, particularly if it is in high-traffic areas. 

Professional carpet protection stain protectors are an effective way to prevent carpet from accumulating dirt and stains. The process involves the application of a protective layer that removes any wear and tear on the carpet while leaving the carpet material unaffected. Professional carpet protection stain protection is available for delicate carpet materials like wool and silk. It prevents soiling and doesn’t damage carpet fabric.

We provide carpet cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties in Northampton. Carpet cleaning is done by our experts using high-powered hot water extraction systems that reach the roots of the carpet to remove dirt, discoloration, and bacteria.

The wrong upholstery cleaner or chemical can cause damage to your furniture. It is a good idea for upholstery cleaning companies like us to visit your home. We can clean any fabric, including leather.

If you need a service, We are available for you

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